Then you are in the right place. 

Hi, my name is Rohina. I am a fine art and portrait photographer living in Los Angeles.

With all the photographs out there, 

I believe it is imperative to create images that are unique and meaningful

I am interested in capturing YOUR spirit, your rawness, your true self, 

and flattering all the beauty that is within. 

I am drawn to small gestures, knowing looks, and the great guffaw 

that is in each of us waiting to erupt. 

But I will never force a smile. 

No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. 

No need to be anybody but oneself. 

-Virginia Woolf

"Rohina photographed our family during a very emotional and transitional time in our lives. 

She captured a true vulnerability in her beautiful photos and seeing our daughter, Ava’s, photos on display 

in galleries around the world make us feel so proud. We are forever grateful for this memory."

 - Homa

I am a wife and mom to three teenagers. 

I know how hard it is to take time to do a portraiture shoot. 

But I also know how important it is as these moments are fleeting

I also want women to GET IN THE FRAME NOW. 

I especially enjoy photographing teens and women. 

I want these groups to BE SEEN, VALIDATED, AND CELEBRATED.

Whether it is a senior shoot, a mother daughter shoot, or just a shoot for yourself, 

I can help make it easy, comfortable, and fun. 

Your home or on location

I function as part stylist and can help you choose what to wear and will also be your guide.


"I was a bit nervous and apprehensive before our shoot.   As soon as Rohina came over, I instantly felt more at ease. 

She is friendly and warm and made the entire experience easy and fun. And the photos are absolutely beautiful."   

- Yasmine

A few words on printing

I am passionate about prints!! I print for my galleries and so I apply the same aesthetic principles for my clients.

Gorgeous archival papers, custom ICC paper profiles and let's face it, we all have too many digital files taking space on hard drives.

It is so gratifying to see yourself printed beautifully and displayed on your walls or in a bespoke folio box. 

The whole session just felt like I was hanging out with a friend.  

When Rohina showed my photos to me, I was BLOWN AWAY. I literally couldn’t speak. 

I went from being worried I would want just one of them to wanting them all!! 

To anyone who is reluctant to get a fine art portrait session, just trust that Rohina knows what she is doing 

and will blow you away not just with the end product, but with the experience itself. 

The photo session was like a whole year of therapy for me! Rohina really captured a vulnerability

and raw emotion that I don’t think I could have found with any other photographer." 


Session Details

A session with me includes a consultation where we discuss location, wardrobe, styling ideas, and I start creating right there and then! Session fee starts at $550 for 2 1/2 hours of my undivided time at your place of choice. 

Print packages and a la carte pricing available. 

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