Summer Reading

Summer is almost here! One of my favorite rituals is to take the kids to a bookstore and all of us pick up a few books to kickstart summer. This year, I have slacked off a bit and already have a growing pile of books from the year in my bedroom, some partially read, others I want to re-read, and others not read at all. 

My top picks

  • I read John Berger’s Ways of Seeing in college and still have my same copy with me today. It is still completely relevant and is on my re-read list. Anyone interested in art should pick up a copy! 
  • For inspiration, I am reading Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. Written as short, poetic vignettes, it explores the connections between science and art and the process of creativity. It is truly a fascinating read! 
  • The Wonder Garden by Lauren Acampora, is a collection of 13 short stories about homes and their occupants in the suburbs where the characters are portrayed with such amazing depth. 
  • And of course: Sally Mann’s Hold Still. She is a brilliant photographer and an amazing story teller. 

Tell me what you will be reading this summer and stay tuned for a book giveaway on my FB page!

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