Publishing in Italy

Waking up to this each morning!

View from top of San Luca

Streets of Bologna

Streets of Bologna

Tortellini  brodo

Truffle season!


Printing plates

The Final Product a few weeks later!

I can’t think of a more magical place to print a book. I worked on my project Hair Stories for many, many months after shooting, editing, copy editing and re-editing many times over,  and consulting with experts in the various fields.  I had the book practically memorized and then with extreme good fortune Damiani, accepted it for publication. In October 2018 I went  to Bologna, Italy to be “on press” to view the making of this dream to an actual object. It also happened to be truffle season so enjoying the food, the lambrusco, and taking the time to soak it all in was very much part of my visit. 

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