LA Story

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see again. I have lived in LA over 23 years now and although I would not dare call myself a native Angeleno, I have became a little jaded to it’s charms. I would not want to live anywhere else right now but at the same time I have become cynical. My days spent boogie boarding and roller blading and exclaiming “you can go to the mountains and beach on the same day” are over. Several weeks ago, my cousin came to visit and she is a total newbie to the west coast. We spent a week together and it was through her tourist’s eyes and my camera that I fell in love again. One afternoon, when she took an uber to the Warner Brothers Studio tour, she came back all starry eyed. I thought it was from exuberance from the excellent tour. No, her uber driver was an actor from Grey’s Anatomy. Perfect LA Story. Her excitement was contagious.

Griffith Park

Main Street Peep Hole Box Abbott Kinney Blvd

Venice Canals

Fishermen at the Pier

Santa Monica Pier

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