Do you believe in LOVE?

A few months ago, I was asked by Natasha to help her on her quest for love. You see, she was gifted a reading from an astrologer for her birthday who told her specific information about where and when her soulmate was born. So Natasha decided to give it a try to meet him. It was an exciting, unusual, magical, aspiration and how could I not be a part of it? Follow her on her instagram @02novembre1968 as she prepares to find her Parisian soulmate. We met at her friend’s house and created some portraits that she could use for her various media she may need. We talked, she tried lots of outfits on, laughed about all the possible outcomes, drank wine, played, and had fun. 

What she wrote most recently about her journey so far resonated so much with me … She writes “women supporting women, saying yes to empowering each other’s dreams with the goal of doing incredible things together and having an absolute blast along the way.” 

Natasha, come what may, I say you created your magic and love right here, right now.  xo

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